Data Science Projects

Analysis of a Lottery Dataset

Lottery Analysis: This is my analysis to determine if lottery winning numbers are indeed random.  Utilized hierarchical cluster analysis in R.

Source to Target Mapping

Source-to-Target Mapping: An example of how I took a data source and mapped it onto the target dim tables.

Database Design- ERD, SQL

Database Design: An example of my skills as a database designer, where I transform business rules and ERD’s into database tables that are implemented in a DBMS using SQL.

Solution Document- ERD, Data Dictionary

Solution Document: A proposal for an information system for an Oracle Users’ Group. An example of my skills in creating an ERD and Data Dictionary from the business requirements.

Business Analysis- Design of an ETL Process for a Business

ETL Design: This is the design of an ETL process for a business chain, which currently has unorganized data collection.

Business Analysis- Implementation and Migration of an ETL Process for a Business

Implementation and Migration Plan: This is the implementation and migration plan of the new design of an ETL process for a business chain.