Google Geocoding API with a Database and Visualization on Google Maps

Today I will use the Google Geocoding API with a database, and visualize the mapping data on Google Maps. In this project, I have a list of university names with no location information, and I will proceed to add location coordinates to the universities using the Google Geocoding API, load those university names with location data into a database, then visualize that data on Google Maps. Here are the university names in (I added Saint Mary’s University in Halifax in the second row- Go Huskies!):

I then run the Python script to lookup all of the university entries in, call on the Google Geocoding API to add location coordinates, and place all of this data into a database called geodata.sqlite:

I then run to read the database and produce where.js:

Finally, I open where.html to visualize the location markers in Google Maps:

This project was performed as part of a Python certification course. All materials in this project are open source, with credits below.

Photo credit: bertboerland Mapping geocoded tweets and flicks pics from me via photopin (license).

Source code and script credit: source codes and scripts obtained from under the Copyright Creative Commons Attribution.

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