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Coach Belichick’s Stifling 6-1 Quarters Defense Could Work Great for the Texas Longhorns in the Big 12

The Texas Longhorns football team should consider instituting the 6-1 Quarters defense employed by Coach Belichik in the 2019 Super Bowl. I watched the dismantling of the high-octane Los Angeles Rams offense by the New England Patriots defense. It was…
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Psychosis: A General Overview

Psychosis is a general term for psychotic disorders. Psychotic disorders are mental disorders (mental illness), or brain disorders, which include schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, psychotic depression, psychotic mania, substance-induced psychosis, and psychosis due to a general medical condition. The core feature…
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How to Redirect Your Website from www to Non-www

Nowadays, it is redundant and unwieldy to include www in your website address, as most websites are going without www in their URL, also known as the naked domain or non-www. It just looks and sounds more concise and clean…
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How to Recover Social Media Share Counts when Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS

I recently transitioned my website,, from HTTP to HTTPS. When I completed that migration to a more secure website, all my social media counts were reset to zero! When migrating from HTTP to HTTPS, the migrated website is considered…
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