Texas Longhorns Football Blue-Chip Ratio 2024- Updated

Here is an analysis of the 2024 Blue Chip Ratio for the Texas Longhorns. The 2024 Texas Longhorns football recruiting cycle started with the early signing period in mid-December 2023. As of February 11, 2024, the Longhorns signed 22 recruits, of which 19 were Blue Chip recruits (5- and 4-star).

One of the most important indicators of winning the National Championship, as the Texas Longhorns last did in 2005, is the Blue Chip Ratio. College teams that have a Blue Chip Ratio above 50% have won the National Championship 100% of the time. In other words, those teams under 50% have almost no chance to win the Natty.

Texas is a Blue Blood college football program that has surpassed this 50% mark every year (except one, in 2017). This has translated into 4 National Championships, the latest one in 2005, and Texas playing for a Natty in 2009 against Alabama, where Texas should have won the game if Colt McCoy did not get hurt in the first quarter of that game.

As a reminder, the Blue Chip Ratio is the percentage of 4 and 5 star players (Blue Chips) that a team has over the past 4 years. The 2024 Blue Chip Ratio for Texas is calculated as follows (see Table 1 below):

Texas 2024 Blue-Chip Ratio

Table 1. Blue Chip data for 2021-2024 for the Texas Longhorns

So for 2024, the Blue-Chip Ratio for Texas is: 67/(67+27) = 0.71, or 71%:

2024 Texas Longhorns Blue Chip Ratio: 71%

This is a slight increase over 2023, where the the Blue Chip Ratio for Texas was 0.695, or 69.5%. Only 15 other teams can claim a Blue-Chip Ratio above 50% for 2024. Here are the teams who have Blue-Chip Ratios above 50% in 2024 (see Figure 1 below):

Texas is ranked 7th on the 2024 Blue Chip Ratio list, which is an improvement from 8th in 2023. With all this talent, a high Blue Chip Ratio of 71%, winning the 2023 Big 12 Championship, making the 2023 College Football Playoffs, and a final 2023 AP Ranking of 3, Texas is poised to win its 5th National Championship in 2024 as early favorites.

Credits: All raw data from https://247sports.com/. Data extraction, wrangling, and analytics performed in Python on the Anaconda platform by Carlo Carandang. Code for this analysis can be found here: https://github.com/Carlo-Carandang/blue_chip_ratio.

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